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    Thanks and thank you for the hard work on this . its pretty awsome and I recomend everyone who wants a good Launcher thats full of features and not a large program to give it a try. Very cool laucher in my honest opinon.
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    Thank you for the great update! Everything is working great..
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    Hey Ahsirg,

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a beta tester. I enjoyed the experience. I was the under the impression that beta testers would get a free registration code. Not sure where I got that impression from, but I thought it was in the initial post. Am I mistaken? Thanks again.

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    Hey Stu

    I overwrote beta 0.95 with released v 1.0 and it is registered.

    The same code Ahsirg issued the beta testers should still work for you. It works for me.

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    Same here , overwrite the 1.0 and it automatically registers.
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    Hmmm...I overwrote mine of .96 and it doesn't show as registered. I'll go back through my email and see if I can find the email I initially received. Thanks.

    Edit: I didn't ever receive a registration code. Perhaps that is the problem. Never really paid attention to it until now. Anyway, I wrote Ahsirg an email.
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    Thanks for releasing on such short notice . Cant wait to play around with this app. Are future upgrades free if you purchased the original version? Thanks
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    Ahsirg, I tried out the trial of the program and I love love LOVE it! It is amazing, while not being a direct copy of the iPhone (because I did'nt want a direct copy anyways :P). I just had three questions before I might buy it :O.

    1. What method would I use to get custom icons on there? Just put some gif images (probably 48 x 48) on and I can load it in the launcher where I edit the icons?

    2. In the near future will it be possible to put a custom background on? Or at least a white one? (or any color for that matter)

    3. Is it possible to display the battery percentage on the top? The battery "gauge" doesn't seem accurate. Mine was at 76% and it still showed that it was full, and I can't tap on it to bring up the percentage.

    Thanks! I might buy it! 9
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    Wow I didnt notice that battery gauge thing . Mine is at 78% and its showing it a looks like full battery. (Small and hard to see) Good catch Vidiot.I will be honest , better if the battery thing said the percentage such as 75% instead of a battery. or both .

    I removed a bunch of apps but still have a delay .Not a biggie.

    ANd yes I think the one feture I would love is the ability to change the background or add some peronality to the device such as a small wallpaper. but thats not too important . Just a nice feature that adds indiciduality to a device.
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    I think a search function is greatly needed that would allow you to jump to the specific app that you require. Scrolling to different pages is neat but time consuming especially when you know the name of the app but dont know which page to locate it on. Pretty good app so far thoug.

    P.S Before i forget when you scroll to the right (forward) it takes you to the last set of icons, think it should be the other way around left (back) should immediately allow you to jump to the last set. Thanks again for the early release.
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    Hi.. Just installed the new version.. Thanks!!

    I too am having delay problems on launch - actually anytime I hit the "Home" key even from within the application, or change categories, the transition effects seem faster so perhaps some of they delay was there but with the transition effects it was not as noticeable. I did not experience this with prior versions. I do not notice any delays when launching applications. I think its accentuated by the fact that they delay is a longer flash of a white screen before the fade.

    I'm using a 700p

    I tried deleting the preference and other TcLn databases to force a "new" install.

    Everything else seems rock solid.. It took me a while to figure out how to slide page to change screens.

    A few additional feature request would be:
    * some kind of hot key to toggle the bottom bar <alt> key maybe
    * ability to tap the category to select catagory (I know the space bar,
    however, if I have my pen out its a reflex...)

    Again Great Job

    Will you be putting up a posting on the forum's to announce the app release?
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    A few more things. The ringer icon at the top doesn't update until you open an app and go back to the launcher, or go to a different category. That needs to be fixed. Oh and the signal icon is fake! . The signal just stays full all the time even when I have no signal. I have no way of checking how much signal I have unless I go back to the default launcher, look at the signal, and go back to TL again.

    So if you could fix some of those things I'll buy it .

    Oh and I'm more of a category guy, so I don't ever like to use "all" I usually just use the different cateogories. Would it be possible to have the side swipe on the screen, or the arrows take you to the next category in the list (or the last one). It would be nice to swipe it once and have it bring up the next category, which for example might be Multimedia.
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    Thanks to all the replies, still waiting on Handango to display the app.
    1. I will add battery %
    2. Vidiot, which device are you using so the signal is always full?
    3. Home brings up the next category. Also spacebar brings up a list of all categories, as well as tapping on the category icon on the bottom bar. Maybe I will add a tap on the category name also.
    4. I will try to battle the delays
    5. To Create iconsets, download the Iconset Creation Kit from my webpage!
    Thanks to everyone!
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    Hopefully the pathetic Handandgo will not be our only choice to purchase your launcher. The folks at Handandgo are not very respectable and I for one would rather see some sort of direct PayPal payment to you where you get more of the sale price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahsirg View Post
    VaccPalm, you probably have tons of apps installed?

    italian, does caching work for you?
    are the SD-card icons loading as fast as RAM ones?
    i wasnt part of the beta team.. i do not have the link to download program
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    The link is in Ahsirg's signature. Just click on the link and go to downloads.
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    Stu, did you get the code? I emailed it to you
    Yes, Handango is pathetic, but its the best I've got. Palmgear charges too much and their support is terrible, and PayPal is not available in Belarus. WebMoney could be another choice. I will post it on my website.
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    Thanks for the reply and do understand about needing to use what works where you are located.

    The Quickster
    "I'm your Huckleberry!"
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    I am loading it now, it looks pretty cool. Is it possible to autosort the icons? Perhaps by frequency of use, or alphabetically?

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    They are "trying" to autosort alphabetically when you scan the memory.
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