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    OK so those lags with the 'please wait' are natural . ok good to know.
    I still get the lag the same from .93 and .94. opening TL isa white screen for 3-4 secomds. picking a Category from the list is a 2-3 second wait. Going page to page is still a lag and leaving an application and coming back to TL is a 2-3 second lag. no different from .93. I tried clearng the cache using that button but no difference.
    Just reporting. not complaining as I still love the launcher . just was super fast version .92 and before.
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    i would suggest backing up phone... hard reset.. just install this program and re-run the test to determine if it is soley this program or not causing the lag
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    VaccPalm, you probably have tons of apps installed?

    italian, does caching work for you?
    are the SD-card icons loading as fast as RAM ones?
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    The cache icon method works better for me. I only notice a momentary lag between screens. I think the app is coming along well. I still would request the ability to change icon names as some of the default names are too lengthy and run into the next app's name. It also would be nice to adjust icon size and font size, but those are less important to me. The typing of the first letter now works well, but only on the current screen. If you have pages of icons, it sure would be nice to type the first letter of the app you want and it take you to the respective page. Finally, I will reiterate that it sure would be nice to be able to actually be able to scroll through custom icons choices for editing, rather than having to select a number and then view the icon, decide whether you want that one and go back and select the next number. That process is very slow and tedious. Thanks for all your work.

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    yes I have way too many apps installed. and probally a good 60 or so on the SD card. probally the issue.
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    how close are you to making this a live product and what more might you be thinking about adding as we go along . so far , love it. I am going to delete some of the junk apps I have and trim down my Centro alittle. that should help me with the delay. I have too many apps on my SD card.
    Again terriffic work and thanks for all the hard work. looking good.
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    I will post today/tomorrow (depends if I am finished before Belarus - Sweden hockey match) a new version with renaming. And if everything goes well, that will be likely to be the last feature added before releasing
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    Terriffic , renaming is a great feature. Look forward to it.
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    Release it already im tired of these guys having all the fun while i sit back and just read about it. Furthermore you can fix other bugs while its on the market.
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    anxiously waiting what is time frame for releasing it.
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    Ok. Last beta 0.96 with renaming has been uploaded. If no bugs, release in 1-2 days!
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    The renaming works great! For those of you that haven't tried it yet, you have to select the app you want to rename, hit menu > edit > custom name. Then type in the name you want.


    I have two questions. First, is there still a plan to add icon editing/creating? Second, I've noticed that for the most part the pages are in alphabetical order, with the bottom of the order being card apps. However, for some reason I have three or four apps that are on the Treo, but are all the way on the last page out of alphabetical order. Do I need to reload or am I doing something wrong?

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    Alphabetical order is all about luck. It doesnt sort anything really
    OK. since custom naming works i am relasing it asap and will fix bugs as it goes.
    Icon creation kit will be posted as well.
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    Where will this be posted ? The website in your signatiure? (Icon creation kit I mean)
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    Icon SDK will be on my website. AS well as the demo. Creating a page now, hopefully will be up late tomorrow.
    The app will be available for sale through Handango
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    OK. I finished faster than handango.
    Check out my website for

    TouchLauncher 1.0
    Icon Creation Kit

    Tomorrow it will be available for purchasing (hopefully)

    Thanks to everybody!!! I've put all the testers in the About-Thanks.
    If I've forgotten someone, just let me know, sorry!
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    For some reason I was not able to download .96 no matter what I tried. I cleared my cache used both IE and Firefox and it always downloaded .95 but I downloaded the 1.0 from your site I assume there the same versions and can use this one to check for bugs?
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    Yes, they are pretty much the same
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