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    Via the same link as before, a new beta has been uploaded (0.92)

    What's new:
    1. somewhat bigger AM/PM (or military, dependant on system prefs) clock
    2. scan SD card
    3. allow unfiled category
    4. save category on exit
    5. home button cycles through categories
    6. category editing screen (menu -> y)
    7. Drag and drop "Queue Mode" or the old to-><-from one (see Menu - Preferences)
    8. Drag to category icon = Menu -> Edit
    9. Other minor things

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    Great! Thanks Ahsirg. I'll download it and post my impressions when I get a chance to look at it. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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    My link still downloads .91 ????
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    Just checked. Should be working. Maybe its cached in your browser?
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    Ahh yes I will try that, the link you resent me also downloaded 9.1 OK disregard my Email i just sent and I will try that. Thanks.

    Update OK , kept giving me version 1 in Firefox so used IE and it was version .92

    Thanks and I will be playing with it for the rest of the day.
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    I know you don't need testers, but does that mean I still can't get this? . Are you going to be charging money for this when the "official" release comes out? I am still looking for a freeware launcher . Haven't found any yet.
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    So far so good. It is an awome launcher. I havent found any issues or bugs yet. I will post a suggestion or two after I finnish using it for 2-3 days.
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    Same here, running smoothly with the new version.
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    Can we get some screen shoots of the app? If you want to sell, you need to get us non-beta testers exited, and pics will do that.

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    Hello everyone! Thanks to the testers for testing, and for everyone else for the interest!
    1. The app will be shareware, but will cost no more than 6-7USD. I am not planning to charge like 20 bucks or 30 bucks for this.
    2. Testers, hows the new drag-drop system
    3. ScreenShot is updated and located in the first post. this is what the launcher looks like
    4. The release is nearing.
    5. If anyone is interested in creating an iconset for TL please contact me via email!
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    Hi Ahsirg

    The improvements in v 0.92 are fine.


    I see no difference in icon switching, drag and drop, between 0.92 and earlier versions. Still have to go thru the Manage Applications screen to move icons (apps) between TouchLauncher pages.

    The icon bmp's still not showing in card apps. I have blank icons for all my card apps with the app name below the blank icons.

    If I delete an application from the device, the deleted app still shows, (blank icon) in TouchLauncher even after a rescan of the RAM. I have to go in and delete the deleted apps blank icon from TL.

    Otherwise, TouchLauncher is very stabile on my 2 devices.

    To be honest, the card apps bmp's not showing in the TL icon for the app would prevent me from buying TL.

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    To turn on new drag and drop system use Menu-> Options-> Preferences->Queue icon switching
    I will try to load the app icons from card.
    Rescanning for now only adds apps to TL, not removes them from it. Will do remove probably
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    Hey - Thanks for the update. Sorry for the delay but since there is no OTA option it had to wait till I tethered and hotsynced. Here is my feedback...

    Thanks for integrating in so many of the requests. I really appreciate the drag to catagory one!! One of the simple ones I asked for was a hotkey menu-x or something to more quickly exit out of the app if I want to do an alpha search or something.

    I really liked the categorize menu..

    Other things

    * Queue Mode seems to have not affect for me and you seem to have reverted back to the original behavior for dragging and dropping onto right arrow that results in it moving to top of next page and when I move a 2nd app it moves the first one I shuffled back to the first page - but at least its at the bottom (in the last slot on the page now) I guess I can live with it the way it is and its probably a function of how I use the drag and drop resort.
    * I also see no icons after Card Scan.

    * Transition - visual effects when changing categories. I like the visuals when I change to a completely different panel. When I'm changing categories however I find it distracting and somewhat slow and detracts from the slickness of the app.
    * Can you allow us to change the order categories get cycled. I typically don't wan't to cycle based on name of the category.
    * Still would like to see a move to top or or to bottom icon or make it a menu option

    Great Work I think you are very close!
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    In the next version there will be
    1. icons from Expansion Cards. 100%. (already done today)
    2. Move to top, Move to bottom. 90%
    3. Remove bottom bar. 90%
    4. Ability to disable some transitions
    5. Menu - X to quit
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    I was going to post my suggestions. Icons from SD card and remove bottom bar. ya beat me to it. Working beautifly so far.
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    looks like a good update coming next, any idea when the next Beta Version will be up? Thanks!
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

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    can't wait and thanks really listening to your beta testers.

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    Yeah the next update will have the features I have been looking for. I cant wait .
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    Any ETA??

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