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    I just noticed that too.
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    A new beta is on the way. I will probably post it tomorrow.
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    I use LudasP to force the default launch behavior and map the green send hard button to launch cmd bar on treo. Allowing me among other things to paste registration codes.

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    Guys, please stop emailing asking to betatest. I really appreciate your willingness to help, but i cant physicly keep up with such a lot of people and my studies and some other work.
    Thanks and sorry
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    Can't wait for the next beta. if those changes you made are in there its gonna be sweet. Look forward to testing it out.
    Be checking my email all day waiting for it.
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    0.91 Beta is uploaded via the link all the testers got in their emails.
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    Thanks Ahsirg! I'll check it out when I get home this evening.
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    same here. don't have link with me so will start testing it out as soon as o get home tonight and report back anything I find and my suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahsirg View Post
    1. Get rid of the launch counter. it's useless imho. and after 100 its messed up
    2. Categories. Yes. I have told a number of ppl that there wont be any, but i changed my mind
    3. Drop icons on the Forward/Back icons and move it to the next page
    4. Keyboard filter in the CURRENT screen. (at least 1st letter. Dunno how it will go)
    5. sweeping across pages (maybe. not developed right now. thinking)
    6. App info on dragging to INFO
    7. a bit restyling to the top and bottom bars
    In the new version:
    1. Good riddance!
    2. Great!
    3. Brilliant!
    4. Ok
    5. Prepared to wait...
    6. Ok
    7. Not sure if it has been implemented...
    And the extra iPhone-ish icons are great.
    All in all, a big step forward!
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    Can't wait to try it out! The update
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    I was one of the first testers so you sent me an attachment and not a link.
    Can you email me the link (or another attachment) so I can test this version. i emailed back at the email you sent me the attachment to.

    Thank you
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    OK, getting better here. Can you get the Icon from the apps on the SD to be recognized? or will we be able to add our own eventually?
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

    My beer blogs:

    Rev. Rhino on Flickr

    Rev. Rhino on Twitter
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    Hello everyone. VaccPalm, replied to your email, sorry for the mixup.
    reverendrhino, yes, I will add recognition to card app icons. Besides, I will soon release somewhat like a program to create iconsets for TL. its very easy

    Maybe I will add the ability to hide the bottom bar. The iPhone2 iconset is just a test one and will not appear in the release, because those are author-made icons i found on the web, unless I contact him and agree on licensing.

    Question to all newer than Tr 650 testers. Does TL appear as default launcher?
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    I agree with Rhino...looking much better. Seems to run faster now as well. No pauses when loading each screen. I'm going to put it through its paces this weekend and will post more.

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    Thanks, got the emaila and will be testing it out every way I can this weekend. Thanks again.

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    My initial feelings for the group ( I will send any issue to your email)

    Very nice.
    Catagories were HUGE.


    Add the date next to the time.

    Ability to get rid of bottom bar. Make it either something we need to click menu for OR if you drag an app to the bottom the bar automaticaly comes up.

    Also the Time /Battery symbol / category Name are all tiny. Hard to see them, they are so small.

    Ability to change collors of Bottom and top line and text color ( this is a minor thing and nothing that changes the greatness of the app.)

    Maybe an easier way to put programs into the categories instead of going through that process , something simple like dragging the app to the catergory box on the bottom bar and there it will ask for category ( OR just have it mirror the default launchers categories and what is in them much like TreoLauncher)

    Still dont see a option to make it the default laucher .

    Again I have to add that this is going to be the standard and best launcher when it is complete. Makes the black centro look like an Iphone.

    Going to spend the weekend testing out all the features.

    Added: the time is showing on mine as Military time. 1:00 is showing as 13:00 ( the defualt launcher has it as 1:00)
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    It should be setting itself as the default launcher on the 680-755p-centro-700p automatically, dunno
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    You are right but some people dont want it as there default launcher and want the option but yes it is making itself automatically the default launcher. (Not a problem for me but just wanted you to know)
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    ah. that helps. thanks
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    Hi Ahsirg

    Yes, TouchLauncher is setting itself as the default launcher in my Sprint 700p and Sprint Centro.

    On my 700p, I had to do a soft reset after overwriting 0.90 with 0.91, then TL became the default launcher from Home button...

    On my Centro, TL became the default launcher after overwriting 0.90 with 0.91 and after going into TL Prefs and setting the '5-way moves to next page' option.....

    Adding the Categories button was big.

    TL seems to be faster now also.

    TL still not seeing some icons from card apps added to TL...

    More comments to follow....

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