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    I recently downloaded the touch launcher to my centro. So far so good!
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    Hi Ahsirg,

    When I go to the wallpaper I get a bunch of symbols and letters where there should be a list of wallpapers.
    Here is one Example: /4E_________.oij

    Any Idea's?

    Verizon Centro
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    Quote Originally Posted by jldunn2g View Post
    Hi Ahsirg,

    When I go to the wallpaper I get a bunch of symbols and letters where there should be a list of wallpapers.
    Here is one Example: /4E_________.oij

    Any Idea's?

    Verizon Centro
    I'm sure Ahsirg will respond once he see's this, but I'll take a stab at it... do you have the TouchBG app installed on your Centro as well? TouchBG is required to put a wallpaper on TouchLauncher. If you don't have it, it is available on ahsirg's site.

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    His site was down yesterday but I went today and download v1.3. It still does it. I do have the TouchBG.prc installed. When I go the the TouchBG screen I get an entire list of this.


    When I click on some of them they change into this.
    yyyyyyyyyyyy with accent symbols.

    Thanks for you help.
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    it could be:
    1. there are files called like that on your card
    2. the filenames are not in latin (russian for Example, or Chinese)
    3. the file system on the SD card is corrupt.
    These are the only things i can think of
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    Thats exactly what it was. I added some other jpegs to my device and save them on the internal memory and they show up. I still can't get the touchBG or pnoJpegLib to show up on internal memory.
    Verizon Centro
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    They will not show up. they are hidden apps. Just make sure you have them installed. (if you dont TL will give you an error message when selecting a wallpaper)
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    I'm sorry I didn't mean the files themselves I mean the list of backgrounds aren't showing.
    Verizon Centro
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    Everything else works though.
    Verizon Centro
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    what does "error 10: subscript out of bounds" mean? i keep getting it when trying to change an icon to one of the glt02 icons
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    It could be that you have a corrupt TL database. Try removing the bugging icon in Menu->Manage and then add it back using Add.
    If it doesnt help, press Menu->Tools->Remove DB, but you will have to start from scratch customizing TL.
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    Installed this launcher a few days ago. Bought it within 24 hours. Just finished reading every page of this thread. This is a very good application and I am most impressed with the Developer's attention to feedback and speedy response to questions/problems. I've been using a Palm since 1991 and there have been few Developers/Applications that I have tried and/or bought that are as well done as this one. I have tried nearly every launcher that has come along since SilverScreen. Oddly enough, I have always gone back to SilverScreen. But I think TouchLauncher is going to supplant it on my Treo. Also, tremendous of you to keep the price of your product so comparatively low. TouchLauncher truly packs enormous bang-for-the-buck.

    Good on you, Mr. Burakou, and well-done!

    I would also like to say that I have been very impressed with Greg (aka gtl...). Very nice icon sets and you seem to be a worthy cooperator with the Developer. And a belated "Congratulations" on the delivery of your Blessing (your baby)! From one Southerner to another, "Y'all be well".

    Thanks to all of the other contributors as well.
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    jhintonh, Thank you for kind words. Happy using TL!
    I hope to keep up with your expectations in the future.
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    Look ahsirg, now apple's trying to copy YOU
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    lol thanks
    but its not apple its some Talent Group Labs company
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    TouchLauncher is on sale now!
    You can buy it for just $3.50
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    TouchLauncher has been updated to v.1.4
    Along with TouchBook v.1.1 it should now fix "error 32" for those, using contact links in TL
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    touch launcher is awesome. but can someone tell me how to replace the toolbar with my name?
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    Hey glt,
    how do i get my name at the bottom instead of the toolbar? Could you email me to give me directions?
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    Well if you are really interested you have to replace the Tbmp resources inside the application using RsrcEdit or Bird. Of course I would not provide any further directions, sorry.

    A new iconset has been released for TL! It is created by Ferg and is available on the website.

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