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    Any way to add a picture of the person in the contact icon, like TAKEphONE does?
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    My apologies if this question has been previously answered. How can I set the Treo Centro preferences so that TL is the default desktop after exiting a program? For now, I am returned to the Palm desktop, not TL, when closing a program. Thanks!
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    TouchLauncher sets itself as the default launcher on startup.

    ProfHickman, you are saying that if you press "Home" on your Centro the device goes to the default launcher instead of TL? If yes, does anyone else with a centro have this problem

    Shinner23, not yet, but I am planning it in the latter releases of TL and TouchBook
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    When I press the home key while in the default Palm desktop, the Palm Centro scrolls through the Palm desktop categories, but does not launch TL. When I open a program, say SnapperMail, with TL, then close SM, I am returned to the Palm desktop, not TL. I hope that made sense! This is a great program, and I'm sure you are working your way through these issues! Good job!
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    Ok. lets sort this one out.
    1. The default view of a Centro is not "Palm Desktop" and is "Default (Palm) Launcher", as it might be confusing, because PD is an app for the PC to synchronize the smartphone.
    2. Go to the default launcher and find T-Launcher icon. Click on it. TouchLauncher should open up. Launch Snapper from there. When done using snapper press "Home" hard button on your Centro. It should take you back to TL.
    3. If that doesnt work, contact me on ICQ/MSN/GoogleTalk and we'll be looking in the problem more specifically.
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    I followed your instructions. When I pressed the Home hard button to exit SnapperMail, I was sent to the Palm OS applications launcher that came with the phone, not TL.
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    That is very weird. I'll be trying to help you
    CENTRO OWNERS! Does anyone have the same problem as ProfHickman?
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    I think what I am trying to do is reset the home hard button on the phone to work with TL. That may be the simple way to say it (I hope).
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    You may try the following:
    1. enter touchlauncher
    2. launch an application
    3. soft-reset your device.
    4. when the reset is done - press home hard button
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    Centro user and no issues with that. TL makes itself the default launcher on mine.
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    Sorry, same result (I removed the battery from theback of the Centro for 10 seconds, then replaced it)
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    I have a Centro. and the same problems as ProfHickman. I cannot start Touchlauncher with the Home key - nor do I return to it after exiting an app.

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    I wonder if I should uninstall and then reinstall? I've read that the home hard button is not user-definable, but then above someone is saying that TL is the default launcher on their Centro. Hmm.
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    TouchLauncher over rides the default launcher. There is no user definable default launcher setting in TL.

    TouchLauncher is opening with a press of the Home button on my Sprint Centro.

    Do you have a ATT Centro? If so, there may be an issue with the ATT Centro.

    You may try re-installing TL and then do a soft reset after re-install...

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    TouchLauncher binds itself to the home key by default. I do not have a Centro, therefore could you please LarryF or ProfHickman contact me via MSN/ICQ/GoogleTalk/Email, I will send out a couple of test version and hopefully sort this out

    Reinstalling is also a good idea!
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    forgot to add mine is a Sprint Centro.also.
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    To ahsirg, I have sent to you through your Web site my e-mail address. BH
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    Can I add a Calculator App to TL? Can't find when I go to "Edt...> Add"

    Edit-Nevermind, found it!
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    Been trying to actually purchase TouchLauncher but Handango might be the worst company to buy something through. Been charged twice already, with no product/Reg key. I was even told by the page after the "Submit" button that I didn't complete my purchase, but was still billed. ARGH!
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    Sorry to hear that Shinner. Kick their butts!

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