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    Been a Palm user since the visor deluxe. (Visor-Prism-600-650-700-Centro)

    I been working in the banking industry for 15 years and I never use my Palm for work other than -Contacts & Calendar for meeting. And I use a program called "Projects" for certain things. I find that I use my Palm generally for Emai-Text-Games-Movies-Music-Internet and not really intergrated it into my work life even after 15 years.

    Just curious different programs good for work (Keeping track of projects, deadlines,meetings , work shcedules etc) and different programs used to these means. Can be paid programs as I dont mind paying for anything usefull but any "Super Useful" and "Cant live without" programs that have helped for work and business purposes.

    Any and all tips appreciated as I really want to intergrate the centro into my work lifestyle and see if it can be used to help me in that capacity.
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    There is Bonsai by Natara Software - Also, DateBook 6 is an excellent scheduling application. Ben
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    Some good stuff there. I have been debating Datrebook and Agendus . Thanks.
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    Datebook 6 and Agendus accomplish many of the same goals; where they differ is the approach. Agendus is more contacts based and Datebook 6 is calender based. Both excellent applications. Bunches of people complain about Agendus support and no one complains about Datebook 6 support - the dude never sleeps.

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    Yeah I looked into both last night and chosse Datebk6 to test. Prefered it perosnally to agendus and the reviews about the program and support for agendus werent too good. I will test it for a few days. Thanks.

    any more ideas?
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    Datebk6 CAN take some time to get used to, trying to figure out all what it CAN do, but it's worth it! And if for some reason you get confused, or are wondering "how to" do something, then check out the PimlicoDateBk yahoo group. CESD (the developer) posts there alot, and you'll find alot of answers to your questions, and even answers to questions that you didn't even know you had, LOL! Datebk6 is an awesome app!
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    You can even read the documentation - I do not believe anyone has ever read it completely - it is all encompassing.
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    Other applications: TakePhone and 2Day (both by For email: ChatterEmail. Third party launcher: ZLauncher, Initiate, LauncherX. Database management: HanDBase. Memo recording: CallRec. Nagging: Butler. Installation monitoring application: Uninstall Monitor. Free medical information: Epocrates. Interneting your laptap via your Palm: PDANet. RSS feeds: Quick News. Ring tone management: RingCare, LightWav, Callblock. Device backup: Resco Backup and NVBackup. Security: Teal Lock.


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