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    Newbie here.

    I had several POP email accounts (using Versa) that I deleted on the device. I then created a new one for Gmail and IMAP (I have the Centro Versa update) and left one of the original POP ones. Both are working fine.

    Now, when I try to create a new account, I get the message that I have "exceeded the max of 8." So, I went to the HS Custom menu and checked the VM options. The accounts I had deleted on the device were still in the PC. I deleted them and left only 'Versamail.' When I sync, the accounts on the device are not showing up on the PC. Yet, based on the error I am getting it is as if it thinks all those other accounts are there.

    Any help on how to fix this will be appreciated.
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    All that should take is a hotsync.. even though you delete the accounts off the phone they are still there somewhere in the os until you hotsync and by doing the hotsync it removes the old links to the accounts and restores your ability to make new accounts. I had this problem once but all I had to do is a hotsync.. if as you say this didn't work you either have something turned off in your hotsync process or maybe you just need to reset your phone once before doing the hotsync again..

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