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    had the 755p since november but i just bought a PC last week for the first time in 10 years. I guess Vista is the new deal and i have no problems with that. I mostly use it as a DVR anyway. But this Access desktop sucks little fuzzy cat marbles. Is there another option I'm missing to go back to the normal desktop? Or should I get my monk outfit and my gas can until i get what I want?
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    Go ahead and starve yourself.

    You need to understand that Palm does not own Palm Desktop anymore. It was purchased by Access a couple years ago roughly.

    Access has done something called an update to work with Vista. But it sucks as you said. You could move to XP or XP Pro of it bothers you that much. Or you could read through the various posts and learn how to use it as it is.

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    I'm with you man! wheres my lighter!
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    Ok fine! I'll use it but i wont like it. Hey Access, you need to catch up with the old desktop! Thats confusing. Maby Doc Brown will let you use his delorean, Accsess! take that!
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    Palm split into PalmOne (hardware) and PalmSource (software) in 2003. They had a decent working relationship until PalmSource kept failing to meet contractual deliverables on existing products and also failed to deliver a new OS (first Cobalt then Palm on Linux). Until PalmSource was acquired by Access in late 2005, Palm was allowed to tinker with Desktop, thus the 4.1.x desktops had nice features developed by Palm.

    Access has provided the bare minimum required contractually to Palm. Both companies are developing new OSes (ALP and Nova) thus between legal matters and priorities resources are not going to Garnet. Palm will not be licensing ALP and Nova devices are expected in 2009. Palm has amortized the perpetual license to Garnet (sans Desktop) through 2010.

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