My I have a second Contacts folder within my main Outlook 2003 contacts folder and when I sync, my Centro only pulls contact info from my main contacts folder. How can I also pull contacts from my sub-folder as well?
I set this up as an organizational method to keep things like: rental car numbers, hotel numbers, airlines, etc., separate from my main contacts folder.

Also (since I'm new to PDA/Centro syncing) can anyone give me ideas on how to identify contacts that I've sent Christmas cards to for each year? Would I set up a new catagory each year called Christmas 2008 or is there another way outside of using a new catagory?

Ok, one more question similar to last question. If two of us are using our own centros and we have some addresses that are mine and other addresses that belong to the other Centro user, we'd like to be able to pull all addresses down but have an easy way to (by default) each see our own addresses, yet have the option to view all addresses. This sounds like I need to set up a catagory for each address, one that belongs to me and another catagory that belongs to the other person... Does this sound right?

Sorry, for the noob questions but my searches helped me in most of the other questions but I couldn't find or search correctly enough to find these answers. Help is really appreciated since I want to set this up right from the beginning.