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    I'm a new user. I have a problem with my treo 755p verizon, I want to upgrade my treo 755p but I did not find rom for 755p verizon.
    My 755p have a rom:
    Treo 755p-1.00-CDMA

    anybody help me, thanks
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    As far as I know there isn't a new rom update out for the verizon 755p's yet.

    What problems are you having?
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    yes it supposed to be 1.06vzw
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    weird I wonder how he got a 755 that wasn't updated even though it just came out with verizon.
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    You could try to flash over Sprint's 755p over Verizon 755p with the romupdater (but no one has tried it I think) (see the 700p to 755p thread)
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    Are you, by chance,outside the continental United States? I believe I read elsewhere that some Verizon-branded 700p & 755p's in areas such as Puerto Rico were shipped with a very old, almost unsupported ROM version (such as 1.00 or 1.03).

    I also seem to recall reading somewhere that a small regional CDMA carrier offered the 755p in a totally uncustomized, barebones version. I believe those also had ROM 1.00 on them. All of the greenish/teal Verizon 755p's I've ever seen here in the States have 1.06 on them.
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