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    I just bought a used verizon treo 650 from ebay. it works great and i really like it. However it was supposed to have a perfect screen, but its not and has a few annoying scratches/dents. The phone works great and operationally all is well. The seller said he would exchange it but I am worried that I may be pushing my luck with used electronics and may get a dud functionally. What do you think? do treos have a good used record or not?
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    I've only had the one 650 (and a very old monochrome screen phone before that), so my perspective is limited. That said, mine works great. I've had a number of instances where I dropped it & chased a bouncing phone around like my dog and his rubber ball. Still worked.

    Recently I had it on me hip in a case with a plastic front (to facilitate screen use while in the case) and accidentally bumped the screen into something and damaged the digitizer (the part that you have scratches on).

    Luckily for me the LCD below it wasn't damaged so it's only going to cost me about $7-$8 to fix (when I get unlazy).

    Additionally, I have also taken my phone apart several times for various reasons.

    I'll have to say a pretty durable phone IMO.
    No problem should ever be solved twice.

    Verizon Treo650 W/Custom ROM
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    my 650 is 3 years old and it has been used very heavily. apart from it looking old, its functionality is as good, if not better than when i bought it due to rom tweaks etc.
    this gadget is very robust. the screen definitely needs protection, but thats pretty obvious.
    now it is decorating my appartment since i needed to move on to a newer gadget.

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