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    Hi Folks
    Only had my 650 for 2 weeks but am loving it
    Managed to get one of the SD/SDHC hacked ROMs installed
    Tracked down and installed the IBM JVM
    Got hold of a few Treo specific games, tried a few java games, could not get one working, could use some help with further attempts with Java games.

    Then i found MyUAE a PALM OS emulator of the old Commodore Amiga.
    Went thru 2-3 Amiga A500s back in the day and still regard some of the games from the Amiga as the best i have EVER played.
    So got quite excited and dived straight in.

    Many probably now about MyUAE already, but since there don't seem to be many posts about i thought i'd let those not in the know in on a great gaming platform for PALM OS.

    MyUAE works great so far everything i have tried on it (about 10 titles) has run and worked fine, Flashback, D-generation, Panzer kickboxing, Chaos engine I and II, Simulcra, Interphase, Cyberball, etc.

    Ok its not perfect ........ what is, some games load very slowly, the emulator requires a lot of free internal memory.
    I had to free up about 17mb and also use UDMH to get the games to launch and run, but once you do this it works sooooo well, and as i say everything i have tried so far has worked really well 20-40fps dependent on the game.

    MyUAE 0.91 can be download from

    The instructions and the on application help tell you everything you need to know.
    If you be an out of memory error when you launch a game free up as such free internal memory on your Treo as possible, if you still get the memory error
    try UDMH below ( it works great for me )

    UDMH 7 day trial can be downloaded from

    Well looks like UDMH will be the 1st PALM App i'll be buying as it makes MyUAE work for me.

    Probably most important.
    Thousands of Amiga .adf game images the emulator can use can be found here ( years of free gaming and nostalgia )

    Amiga ROMs ( needed to give the emulator a genuine Amiga ROM Bios)

    Not tried it yet myself, but PXA PALM OS overclocker might help to boost emulation speeds for some games.

    Check these MyUAE pics
    Will post more tomorrow when i have good light.

    Chaos Engine II


    Oh yeah before i close anyone help me get hold of JARtoPRC.exe as i wanted to try to get java games working and .jar files are not working for me.

    Ok Hope this helps someone
    Am off to play FlashBack in bed
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    Thanks for the post! Amiga stuff rocked back in the day. I still have a 2000, 3000, and 4000 around and tons of disks of all kinds of great stuff. I really liked the OS, very flexible and powerful. Too bad it never really caught on like PC's and MACs. All the stuff I read about Palm's troubles is giving me a strong feeling of Deja Vu ala Commodore.

    Perhaps over Memorial Day weekend, I'll have a retro weekend and get this up and running on mine.

    BTW---have you tried Frodo? It's a great Commodore 64 emulator and it works perfectly!

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    Guru Zeb / ...

    Have been pretty good about keeping my 700p for productivity with minimal gaming and now I've got the itch

    Was a C64 nutbar and then regressed into the Amiga and with this thread have awful feeling am gonna get rehooked on some of the fantastic titles from these commodore platforms Worse I'll probably venture ito the attic and blow the dustbunnies off the disks and got an awful feeling the trip will be lead to 'honey while your up there you want to get rid of some of all that crud etc etc etc'

    I share HandyDJ' deja vu feeling ... am most apprehensive about Palm's future
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    Guru Zeb: really nice pictures, MyUAE really deserves decent keyboard support...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MetaView View Post
    Guru Zeb: really nice pictures, MyUAE really deserves decent keyboard support...
    And guess who has the Treo keyboard support know-how? That's right: Metaview!

    You rock. I might actually have to give it a try if you add keyboard support, although I was more of a DOS man myself, never got into C64 or Amega (although there were plenty of games that came out for all of those platforms, and the Amega ports were clearly superior to the DOS ones of the day).

    Oh, and don't bother trying to get Java games working on your Treo. The Palm VM engine is sorely lacking won't get any games working for you. Better off finding native ports or emulators.
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    Hi guys
    Sorry for the later reply.

    Is your LJP app a keyboard driver for Palm??
    Does the keyboard driver work with MyUAE ???
    That would be great!!!

    Whats planned for next version of MyUAE ??

    Yeah Treo keyboard support would rule
    some kind of mouse to D-pad addition would be awesome to that would open up all the mouse only action games
    like the awesome titles Interphase and Virus.

    If you need a beta guinea pig just email me.

    I love MyUAE ........... best way of turning a 200 smartphone into a 30 obsolete computer ...... RESULT !!!!!!

    Well the good news is so far i have tried about 50 Amiga titles from the
    Amiga adf collection and so far i have not found a single game that didn't have a version in the archive that worked in MyUAE
    Most of the games even display the trusty old Amiga rainbow boot loader screen when loading.

    The site has almost 20,000 adf-ed Amiga titles which has solved all my gaming issues on the treo, so Java games are right off my list now ( will probably delete the IBM JVM as it use quite a bit of mem.

    Actually the Palm seems to be the perfect emulation platform for UAE as many titles i have never been able to get to run on any pc or with any version of Amiga emulator run perfectly on MyUAE on my Treo 650 most at 25-35 FPS
    the slowest FPS i have encountered was Bitmap Bros Magic pockets which chugs along at about 8 FPS despite the fact all that moves on screen is a few sprites.
    It seems that games with 3D content generally run best on MyUAE on my Treo, leading me to wonder if the ARM cpu is better optimized for floating point and other 3D related calcs.

    Any Amiga game with a joystick control option ( which means most of them ) work fine on MyUAE without native treo keyboard support, MyUAE has a handy virtual keyboard which is fine for menus items and some action games where you can find a quiet spot to change weapons and mess with inventory etc.

    using UDMH gives problem free MyUAE functionality without UDMH i have not been able to launch a single game in MyUAE even with 21mb of free mem.

    The 2 ROM files listed above seem to work for everything most games seem happy with the 1.3ROM but a few need the 3.0ROM ( which is an A1200 ROM is i remember right ) and quite a lot work well with either.

    Been using PXA to overclock my 650 whilst using MyUAE
    But to be frank am not entirely sure it makes any difference to the emulator at all FPS when in game seem exactly the same with or without it.

    PLEASE NOT some of the adf amiga games can take AGES to load ( 5-10mins for some titles ) keep an eye on the MYUAE tell tales at bottom of screen for simulated disc access and cpu activity that way you know its loading no matter how long it takes.

    MyUAE does seem to eventually eat up all the Heap mem ( After a full afternoon of MyUAE gaming ) and stops launching games and starts complaining about lack of mem. This happens even with UDMH installed and running.
    But a hard reset and your back playing Flashback before the radio has found your carrier

    On the downside most action orientated games that require mouse input are pretty much unplayable due to the poor control using the stylus and touch screen

    Bumbed out at moment can't use MyUAE as UDMH has timed out tried to register it on Palm PowerUps on saturday and something went very wrong.
    Defo clicked on UDMH paid $9.95 via paypal
    but when i got back into the "Your software" section, no request key button just a full entry for SkinUI ID# and key.......... which i have never requested.
    Been emailing dmitri at Palm PowerUps all weekend hopefully will hear back soon.

    Speak soon Amiganauts
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    Hi Lads. What you're doing is beautiful. Would MyUAE work on Treo 680 and 750v?

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