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    Does anyone know what would cause this? I am thinking maybe it is chatter but I don't know.
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    Versamail set to "As Items Arrive" or push will cause this in poor service areas. I had to change mine to 15 intervals. Still will reset on occasion, though not as bad.
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    I don't use versamail though?
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    You could try out PowerHero.

    You can tell it to turn off the phone if no service for X minutes. Might bypass the problem if you set the timer to be shorter than the reset happens.
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    I have Chatter on both my 700P and Centro and it does not reset either device when in a low signal area, which may be a couple of times a day.

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    The treo, by default IS CONSTANTLY trying to grab a signal.

    In an area where there is little to weak signal, your treo will continue to pull a signal (try to).

    And because of this, and the low dbcache of the treo, it will reset.

    --so to answer your question, this is a normal treo behavior
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    No, you are wrong there. I am in three locations that routinely have NO service and have never had a reset as a result of that, so it is not typical of a Treo, regardless of the type. The devices used in these areas: Sprint 700p and Sprint Centro. What I do when in an area like this and it gets to the point I find the out of service tone annoying, I just turn the device off; however, no resets at all.

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    It's hard to relate one person's experience with signal problems to anothers. You have different towers in your area, different interference, different PRL, different installed apps, etc, etc.
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    Having no signal is actually better than having a low signal. When there is no signal the phone just looks for a signal, where as a low signal it is constantly getting a signal, initializing, the cutting out, often getting interrupted during that routine. I find that resets happen in low signal particularly if my data connection is open (not active, but just with the grey arrows.)

    I'm not using any background data software on my phone (Chatter, Versamail, IM, etc.)

    It is what it is.
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    The freezes of a 700p are caused at the time the treo is attempting to connect to a system, not when it loses signal or can find none. In certain conditions, it will cause a reset, especially if apps are running at that time. I bet a low cache could cause it as well, as stated earlier.

    This is either a hardware or firmware problem with the 700p.

    Upgrade to a 755p or Centro to fix.

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