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    I was wondering if anybody figured out a way to install apps without Hotsync'ing to a PC. I'm on the road for 6 weeks and am trying to solely use my Prism instead of a laptop. I've seen PalmGear's PQA but since I am already 'on the road' I can't figure out how to get it. I have an Omnisky wireless modem and service but their email service only allows me to get very small apps. I have access to several other email services but using Blazer I can't figure out how to get the apps on my machine. This is very frustrating and is leading me to believe this is a chicken and egg scenario.....

    All help would be appreciated,
    In beautiful Monterey CA for the next 6 weeks!
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    You could have someone beam them to you. Beambox works on about all programs and databases.
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    Really, can't think of anything else besides having someone else install the app on their Visor and beaming it to you (or use flash SB module or CF/SM modules to transfer).

    Or just wait till you get home to install.

    In the mean time, enjoy Monterrey. I went there 3x last year, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    If you had Browse-It you could download the apps.
    Matt Nichols
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    since you have the wireless option, this thread over at PDABuzz might be of interest. There have been a couple of options suggested including a PalmOS FTP client.
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    Alright, I had to cheat a little bit(I used a PC), but this is what I found out.

    I already had installed Blazer and Avantgo as my web browsers and was using Omnisky for my wireless web/e-mail access. The Omnisky service will not allow a d/l of any attachment greater than 10k so except for most PQA's I was out of luck. In addition, most PQA's on the web are zipped.

    I discovered that PalmGear has a PQA that searches for files and allows you to download them directly to your device so I emailed that PQA to myself from a computer at school(BTW, all the computers at school run Win2k and I didn't bring any of my hacker tools so I could not hook up my USB(this makes a difference) cradle!!!!) The PalmGear PQA would not work because it needed a helper file which was about 24K!!

    I received a Visor Platinum w/ both a serial and USB cradle from a recent win on Ebay. I was able to hook up the Platinum via serial cradle but could not install the Desktop!! As I pondered, I remembered PInstall and wondered if it would install on the Win2K system. It Did!!! I then downloaded Browse-It and synched it to the Platinum and beamed it to the Prism. Browse-It is great. You can download files and have access to zipfile contents on the fly which you can install directly(Thanks Matthew Nichols)! I am deleting Blazer and going to pay for Browse-It. YadaYada uses the same technology for its browser and is available for free from here.

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