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    is there possibly an application available that makes staying connected to my bluetooth headset more reliable. i have a plantronics 650e it works great on other phones and much better then the motorola bluetooth headset i previously had. but it still loses connection and sometimes i get no voice when dialing.

    is there software i can buy to improve the bluetooth performance?
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    Not to my knowledge - it is normally either the device or the headset that is at fault. My Motorola H700 is crap in that area and the H500 never dies. The devices they have been used with: Spint Treo 700P and Centro.

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    What you can do though is install an application similar to Blue Fang that turns on the Bluetooth radio when user specified applications are started and there is also Power Hero that has an option to turn the Bluetooth radio on when the phone does its thing.

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    h500 did not work on my girlfriends centro. h350 is what i had it worked flawlessly on my pearl but i needed a bluetooth that can handle 2 phones, the plantronics works great with the BB pearl, but is sketchy with my 755p and it really drains the battery.

    what are the benifits of using the applications you mentioned?

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