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    I'm sure there has got to be an easier way to do this... I can't figure it out though and it bugs me with Takephone 7.55 (001).

    I bring up Takephone. It shows the list of caller from my previous search. At the bottom it has my next calendar meeting and then the last call.

    How do I get down to the meeting or last caller easily using the Centro 5-way?

    If I scroll up, I can get there. The problem is that sometimes the cursor is halfway down a list of like 20 names.

    Is there an easy way to get down there? Left/Right take me to the other tabs.

    This is really the most annoying thing for me in Takephone right now. I just know there has got to be a better way. Shimon?
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    If you are running the latest release - options - Plugins in "Find" screen - take a look there.

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    Yeah.. That's cool. Now I didn't know the new version allowed me to have 4Cast info in there.

    So how exactly does that help me. Your answer was a little vague. Looks like the only thing I can change is whether the plug-in is shown at the top or bottom.

    I'm not using the i-bar.. Is there something else I'm missing.
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    Look at it again - you will see Calendar and last caller listed on the left - enable those and then choose up/down.

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    Yeah.. I saw that before. Changed it. Tryed it.. but how exactly does that fix my problem?

    All this does is move the calendar or the last caller to the top or bottom.

    Still.. if my cursor is in the middle of a Find list.... How do I get to the calendar or last caller without having to keep pressing up or down multiple times before I'm either at the bottom or top of the list?
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    go into buttons & navigation and chande left/right to Start 5way. If you have the phone button set up correctly, you can just cycle through the tabs of interest pressing it instead. (I only have it cycle between the find screen and call log.
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    Yeah. that works. I guess that's how I used to do it before Shimon add the ability to go left right in the tabs. Hmmm... I'll have to try that for a while. I guess I can't have it both ways..

    Shimon.. An idea for an enhancement request.. Holding the up or down for more then 1-2 seconds, skips to the plugin line rather then scrolling the list? I dunno.. that might not be good either. Sheesh.. Oh well.
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    If I am on the first contact in the Find screen and I press up, it scrolls through all of the plugins. If I press down it scrolls through the contacts. If you hold down the back arrow it will clear your search and return you to your first contact. Hopefully that helps.
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    not really...but I guess I'll just work with the stuff that cavingjan wrote about. See if I can get used to it.
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    If I'm sitting on the first item in the search results list, and press "up" on the 5-way, I jump to the last call at the bottom. Pressing up again takes me to the calendar entry. I think this is what you want.
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