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    Hi folks,

    I have a Helix holster for my Treo 680. Although I have another holster, I would prefer the Helix because of the ease of 1-handed removal and snug secure fit.

    However, that's also a bit of the problem. The curved clip that fits over the top right corner of the Treo 680 fits very well but is very inflexible. It is so stiff that I worry that repeated insertion and removal of the treo from the holster will allow the clip to dig in to the top surface of the treo and scratch it or even damage it, and this is important because the area covered includes the audio mute slider switch.

    Anyone else find this? I had a Seidio holster for my 650 which was nearly identical but the plastic clip over the front-right corner of the 650 had more flexibility. It held snug and secure, but it would easily release the 650 when I applied a little twist of thumb and fingers to pop it out. This Helix holster is hard work to release and I worry about damage.

    Anyone find this, anyone have ideas about how to "break it in" or increase the the flexibility? Thanks,
    -- Josh
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    In case anyone cares, the Helix holster is working out fine. Despite being tighter fit than usual, I switched over to using it exclusively with my Treo 680. There have been no scratches to the top of the device. And since it's no longer falling out of the previous holster and landing on the pavement, I'd say that overall there's less damage to the thing in the tighter holster! That's a good development.
    -- Josh
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    I have the helix II holster and initially had the same concern as you do. On my holster while the clip itself is rigid the tip of it is a softer rubber. I've been using it for nearly six months and haven't seen the slightest scratch left from the "hook". That being said I still with the clip were in the center vs. the side but I'm still happy with it.

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