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    I wanted to go ahead and let folks know that my last day with Motorola Good Technology Group will be April 11th.

    I realized that it had been three years since my first posting here on TC. Alot has gone on during those three years and alot of questions have come along. I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations here, I hope that I was able to provide at least a little bit of assistance and it looks as if the user community has started a great deal of supporting itself, which is great.

    Leaving Good is a bittersweet proposition as I have dedicated over 3 years to the organization. However, I am excited about the new opportunity. As they say, every ending is another beginning.

    I am going to see about a replacement to provide non-official support to the users here, however, I have not heard anything. I do know that there have been conversations about starting an official, Moto GTG user community, but I have not heard anything official.

    I wish you all the best of luck in all of your endeavors.

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    You will be missed!

    Thanks for reaching out to us over the years, your efforts have not gone un-noticed.

    I've been a fan since you had your forums in the... (was it in a Yahoo group?)

    Push hard for a replacement, or a user group please. Forums allow users to answer each others questions A LOT, lightning the load on your staff

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    Well, we will miss you and your bravery in answering our sometimes heated questions. Thanks for all of your help. But After reading the Engadget article last week on how Motorola is cutting 2600 more jobs on top of the 7400 jobs cut recently, I am glad you are getting out.

    Who will have moderator rights once you leave? Could we get rid of the current stickies at the top of the Goodlink forum? All of them are very out of date at this point.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for taking the time to assists users with Good Mobile messaging. I appreciate the input and insight you've provided with the platform. I can't say it was easy, but having a Manufacture's advocate always helps.

    Good luck in your new venture.
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    So sorry to see you go. I know you made my life supporting devices on GMM much easier!

    Best wishes on your new beginnings!
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    GG - best of luck to you in your new opportunity. I was always impressed with your level of commitment to go "above and beyond" to help out your customer base - with or without backing from corporate.

    We all come to the forums to help each other out, but it's always better when there is an "insider" involved to help. Again, best of luck to you and happy trails!
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  7. #7 of Luck to you GG Thanks for all your help.
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    thanks for all your posts over the years

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