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    Several old threads on cradles seem outdated. So...after a month or so of experience - is anyone using a Centro cradle that they can recommend?
    Mark Bergman
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    Wondering the same.
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    I know this was discussed a while ago and I've only had my InnoDock Jr for about a week, but so far I'm very happy with it. The fact that you can't just drop it into the cradle doesn't bother me, since I just leave it in the dock most of the day.
    Other than that, the only problem I had with it was that my computer didn't recognize it initially. I called TreoCentral's store and the person immediately knew what to tell me to do: just reinstall the software with the phone and cradle plugged in. No data lost, just a simple reinstall. Since then, it's great.
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    It's a bit of an old bump but I'm looking for a cradle WITH a hotsynch button. Help/advice appreciated.
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    I have the palm cradle and it works fine. There are no connection problems. It recognized the phone right away.

    1. compact
    2. easy to install

    1. Hard to remove Centro from cradle
    2. no hot sync button (not a big deal)
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    What about some of the cheap ones on eBay with the spare battery slot too? I've been looking at these since the price is attractive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdpuglisi View Post
    It's a bit of an old bump but I'm looking for a cradle WITH a hotsynch button. Help/advice appreciated.
    I have the Insten cradle (tagged as for the 650). Has a hotsync button.
    It works but:

    1) have to be careful docking the Centro to make sure the contacts make up good. Some wiggling around occasionally is needed. Hot Sync button works when the contacts are made up good.

    2) Have had some minor issues with it getting lost -- generally solved by unplugging cradle from Computer, docking Centro and re-plugging to computer. Its usually only associated with when you dock and/or undock the Centro. Once docked and recognized its seemed to stay solid.

    3) Quite often it seems that the battery will only charge to 99% when docked. It charges to 100% fine off of the AC input or off the USB cable but only 99% off the dock.

    All in all it does work, and is working sufficiently reliably that I can recommend it with the above caveats.
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    Is there any cradle that would work with the Palm Air Case? I seem to remember something about a 650 dock working, or was that something else?

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    I'd try some off ebay. I got one for my moto q when they came out for like $10 bucks and it worked perfect and was solid. I even saw the ones for the centro have the hotsync button so you're in luck.
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    I found my cradle at the local Dollar tree. Its a Wireless Gear rapid charger and sync cradle. it says its for Treo 650/700p/700w, but works great with my Centro.

    It has a wall plug, with a male-male USB cable to the cradle, and also plugs into a USB on your computer (without the plug adapter)
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    timmy, you have any pics of the cradle?
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    I will snap a couple when I get home from work...
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    It seems that I cant post images, links or send PMs. I can email pictures if anyone wants to hitme up with an email: tstalford

    If it helps anyone to look for it themselves, its a Wireless Gear Model CD164 "Rapid Charger & Synchronizing Cradle"
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    Thanks, I found the model on eBay

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