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    I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of two specific apps that are FREE, or at least the trial versions don't have limitations on them .

    1. I don't have the 700p in my hands yet, but it has been ordered and will be here by monday. I am pretty sure you can't have a picture for picture caller ID (like the iPhone). I was wondering if there is an app that will let me have that so I can put a pic of my mom when she calls, ETC.

    2. Some sort of app to mod the uh, home screen I guess it is. The screen so that when you press a button it brings up info and stuff. I was hoping I could get a app so that when it brings up the screen it displays the clock in big letters in the middle and maybe something else, like an alarm, right there at that part of the screen. What is it called, a keyguard?

    Thanks in advance everyone! Please let me know any other MUST-HAVE apps for the 700p!!!
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    I don't have a 700p (have the 755p instead) but I'd imagine some things would be the same, especially the contacts app. Mine allows me to have picture caller id. Whenever my phone rings and that person/place has a picture assigned to it, that's what shows up when they call. Now I don't know how it compares to the iPhone, but it's available.

    As for keyguards, Henk (Metaview) has an iPhonish keyguard that sounds right up your alley. Discussion here.
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    The 700p does picture caller ID right out of the box. You just have to assign photos in the contacts app.
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    A number of third party launchers allow the user to set up a customized "home screen." Those include ZLauncher, LauncherX and Initiate. 2Day, an interface to the calender also allows a degree of customization.

    I use ZLauncher, 2Day, and Datebook 6 - each set to display information relevant to "today."

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    Thanks guys! Had no idea the 700p could do picture ID, that's great!!! I'll check out those mods for the home screen.

    Thanks again everyone!
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    I like the ability to view calender information through a number of different means. Ben

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