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    I have a white centro, (this is actually my second one), and I just notice that when the LED lights up, it is so bright that the plastic casing surrounding it glows as well, all the way to the top sides. It is not uniformly lit up so it looks pretty awkward and cheap looking. I don't remember my first centro doing that. Can anyone with a white centro tell me if theirs glows like that too? I know this may not be important but I just think that it looks cheap.

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    Miine does that a bit, but honestly i haven't really payed that mch attention to it. I think the reason it shows so much is because LEDs are fairly bright and the casing is white, which light can move through freely.
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    I notice it more with the green light than the red but my white Centro does the same thing... That is part of the reason I really wish programs like Butler could do the flashing LED alerts rather than solid because it way more noticible when the light is constantly on...

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