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    Hi all, new to the Treo 650 (my nephew just gave 2 used Sprint 650s). I'm on Verizon and I want to switch the phones over, I read about the hack that Mines came up with (2004?) and I was wondering if this is still the way to go or if there is another way?
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    I don't know anything about the hack but I know that Sprint doesn't use a SIM card and Verizon I think might...I'm not new to the treo but I'm not an expert so just a warning on what you might run into...I'm looking to get another treo 650 though...sounds like you got one to spare.
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    This is the thread abot the hack:
    I thought that I would try the hack on one of the phones and if it works...
    Yes, maybe I do have an extra.

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