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    Greetings all!

    Assume I have the following structure in Outlook.

    Mailbox - John Doe
    Dell Stuff
    Johns Stuff
    Sent Items

    I can run the command 'fetch 1000 inbox:*' to get all emails in the Johns Stuff folder

    I can run the command 'fetch 1000 Personal' to get all the emails in that custom folder.

    Now assume I have a user that has about 50 different custom folders which aren't filed under the Inbox. Theyre just like the "Personal" folder above. Is there a command I can run to fetch ALL folders in a user's Mailbox?

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    Are the folders on Exchange or .pst files? If they are on Exchange, you will have to do each one indvidually, i.e., 'fetch 1000 Personal'
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    They are not .PST files. I figured this would be the answer so I've just been telling our users to create custom folders under the inbox from now on.

    Thank you for the support, congrats with your new opportunity.

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