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    Hi everyone, I just got my new Centro from ATT and I absolutely love it. I used to have a Handspring years ago and stopped using it since because it was bulky. So, combining a phone and a PDA in such a small package is just awesome. I can put it in my pocket or my purse without noticing it being there. And the phone reliability is great. I was scared away from unfavorable treo reviews everywhere but decided to give Centro a try after reading all kinds of reviews. I'm glad I did. I also love my Glacier White Centro color. The color is so soft and clean. It is not a stark white color but a soft creamy white. Looks good enough to eat! The white also helps in hiding finger prints and smudges. I have not seen a single fingerprint or smudge on the case, but the screen is indeed a goo magnet. The color also helps hide any lint and dirt build-up when they are put inside a clear case. I used to have a dark-colored RAZR in a clear case that looks disgusting after a short while with all that build-up stuck in between the case and the phone.
    I also want to let you all know how happy I am to find TreoCentral. I have been visiting TreoCentral and CentroSpot everyday for your helpful advises and answers. Thank you so much for all those who post and give suggestions. Without you all, my Centro will not be as much fun.
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    So glad to hear that you like your Centro so much! Welcome to TreoCentral!
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    Welcome to the most fun community in the world... the Palm OS community!!
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    Welcome to TC
    We put the "FUN" in "fungus"
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    Welcome to TreoCentral cutiebunny and Congrats on your new Centro!!

    I just got my Black Centro today and love it! And you're so right about the fingerprints and smudges showing up on the Black compared to the White! I wasn't sure what I'd think about the White but I really love it. I love those unique Green number keys.

    Have fun with your new toy!

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