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    Hi.. I will need to send my Treo 680 for service and I am wondering what my best option for a backup is... as I want to "hard reset" it before sending it to make sure my personal info is totally deleted.

    In particular, I will take my old 650 out of storage to use it in the mean time, so I am wondering if there is an easy way to transfer all my info from the 680 to the 650.

    What happens if I just "hard reset" the 650 and then synch under my user name and select that everything from the computer is overwritten on the 650? Would that work? What would be the effect later when I get the 680 back? Just the same action and that's it, but now on the 680?

    Most of my personal information (Notepad, Agenda, Calendar, ) is in Lotus notes and my Treo synchs with it, and a few documents with Documents-to-go that are in the SD card anyway.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Should work. But, be aware that the 650 (and the Lifedrive!) has some memory issues that were resolved in the 680.
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    I'd advise against it without more research. Your computer has most likely stored (via sync) 680 system files that the 650 would not like (and the other way around when you go back).

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