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    It doesn't work, UNLESS I send it to myself at the same address.

    Otherwise, when I try to send or reply to an email I get an error message telling me to check my account settings (which I have checked and re-checked, and triple-checked with IT, naturally).

    I receive all of my email just fine, from both of the accounts I have set up on my Centro. But can send...nothing.

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    I have Sprint. I had red Centro, Yahoo and MSN accounts, worked fine. Traded phones. Allegedly changed nothing, double checked everything (I had old settings written down, transferred exactly). Could receive but not send. Had to call Customer Care Tech Support, who then changed my settings, ports, everything to go thru Sprint. It now works.
    I have no idea why, but just a thought. It was easy fix for them, not me.
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    Which eMail are you using, Email (VersaMail) or Xpress Mail? What are you trying to send/receive, personal or company eMail accounts? More details will help find an answer to the problem.
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    Hi - Hope I can help you understand what is going on.

    In order to help prevent spam many mail servers and some networks will not allow you to access a outbound mail server on any network that you are not currently connected to. This means that very often you need to access your providers SMTP server. I have mulitple mail accounts and two different non moble providers (Earthlink dialup up north and Comcast cable down south). When I migrate between the two in the fall and spring I have to change my SMTP server on my computer.

    Since you have Sprint PCS you can use the Sprint SMTP server. It's SMTP.SPRINTPCS.COM. It's port 25 and you use your Sprint EMAIL ID and password. on all your EMAIL accounts.

    Hope this helps

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    I'm on AT&T, actually, using VersaMail.
    One of the accounts I am trying to use is my personal Verizon account, and the other is a work account. I know I am using the correct SMTP settings for my work account.
    I will try to call AT&T's tech support later today if I can't figure out the problem before then, but if anyone has other ideas I would be glad to hear them!
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    Yea, the process is weird setting up a work account. I have only one comment... when calling AT&T do it during regular business hours. The nights and weekends phone reps are not real good at problem solving.
    Florida Tony
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    I would try out a trial of Snappermail or Chatteremail and see if it works. VM tends to have issues with some people's email accounts (although it's usually on auto-sync pull, rather than outgoing).
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    thanks. I'll let you guys know what works.

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