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    I don't know if this qualifies under the "One Month Meltdowns" (though it IS conspiciously about one month since I got the device and this is just starting to occur)...

    Recently the device (VZW 755p) goes completely unresponsive to all input. Not always during data transfer, no real obvious cause at all. After between 1-5 MINUTES, the 755 comes back alive (and actually replays a lot of the keypresses you made during its "hang").

    It never "resets", and it always eventually comes back. Unsure, but I spend a majority of time in the email app, so it could be isolated to that, I'm still trying to figure it out. I haven't yet installed any custom apps (though I plan to), so it's got to be something inherent to the default firmware/software.

    Has anyone see anything like this and/or have any helpful hints at troubleshooting?
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    Could be clearing the dbcache.

    Clearing the dbcache will resemble a "hang". 1-5 minutes is way long for a dbcache clear though, so maybe that in combination with something causing it to take a lot longer.

    I would try out Cleanstart and selectively alert only the apps you need to know when your phone is reset.

    Are you using the default Email app Versamail? Try disabling auto-sync if it's enabled, see if that does anything.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Two things:
    1) I don't think versamail is the default email app on VZW. It's some rebranded thing of theirs (and I don't find it bad -- I had a T600 then a T650 for years).

    2) Cleanstart, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $will$ $help$ $me$ $on$ $restarts$/$resets$ $of$ $the$ $treo$. $As$ $I$ $said$, $it$ $never$ $actually$ $resets$. $I$'$ve$ $watched$ $it$ &$quot$;$hang$&$quot$; $a$ $few$ $times$, $and$ $eventually$ $it$ $just$ $comes$ $back$ $and$ &$quot$;$catches$ $up$&$quot$; $with$ $your$ $keystrokes$.

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    CleanStart stops your phone from letting apps know that your phone is reset. So basically this uses less system resources.

    This can free up system resources, which may reduce phone lag.

    Only allow the apps you need to be alerted by CleanStart, then reset your device and see if you still get unresponsiveness.
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    I have this happening and I did a hard reset and then recovered the backup Resco Backup and I have not had an issue since.
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    ...and Reset Doctor can flush your cache for you. You still get short "hangs" while it's flushing but you see what's happening.

    (Also you may have an app in the background that is running and using resouces. EG Versamail 4.0..the Centro version checks mail in the background but if you're doing something you see the phone drag while it is checking)

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