Starting over

I've had my Treo 700p for almost two years now, and I think it's fair to consider myself a "power user". The applications I use most are:

Natara Bonsai
Natara Daynotez
Documents to Go

I decided it's time to do some Spring Cleaning, and I'd basically like to wipe the Treo clean and start over from scratch.

I have a few issues that I'd like to straighten out:
- Versamail
1. I want my to use IMAP for my Gmail
2. My work email (which uses the Push server) is acting buggy. I'd like to delete & reinstall the account but Versamail won't let me!

- Palm Desktop
I'd like my calendar and contacts to sync through the Push server, and everything else to backup/sync through my laptop. My attempt at implementing this has thus far failed. Last time I synced to my laptop it reverted my phone to last September (even though I thought I had it set up correctly).

- Blazer
This application's just so slooooooooow. If anyone has an alternative to suggest, I'm all ears.

Finally, how do I reformat my Treo back to its default state?

Cheers & thanks in advance for any help!