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    As much as I have had a love/hate relationship with Sprint and especially their horrid customer service I had a really good experience yesterday at a Sprint store.

    I bought my 755p last Aug. and yesterday I noticed my touchscreen was not working correctly. I took a closer look at it and there was a diagonal crack inside the screen running from the upper right corner all the way to the middle of the left side of the screen. I haven't dropped or abused it but I did have it in my computer bag Saturday and had to gate check it on my flight home. I wondered if it could have been due to temp/pressure change. I have the insurance coverage (IMHO anyone that doesn't with a device this costly is just asking for trouble) and in the past I have been told that I would have to send in my phone and/or pay a $50 replacement fee.

    I went into the Sprint Store across the street from Sprint's World HQ here in Overland Park and they replaced the screen in about 10 minutes, no questions asked, free of charge. They said that it is not uncommon to see fractured screen with a big temp change. I wasn't interested in a new phone as there was nothing wrong with mine and I sure as heck didn't want to waste an hour resyncing my phone.

    Great service for a change!
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    Good to hear and I'm glad it was all resolved quickly to your satisfacton. I also had a wonderful Sprint store experience when I bought my 755 there 3 months ago. I also have the monthly replacement insurance.
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    I don't have insurance, but I took my 700p into a Sprint repair store after it wouldn't charge the battery anymore. They charged me $35 and gave me a new (maybe refurbished, not sure) 700p and now I can make it until the new Palm OS (or Android if it really impresses me) phone comes out. I thought I was going to have to go to a WM phone, I was very happy about that.
    I have never really had a problem with Sprint's service. Of course I never bother dialing *2, that is a waste of time.
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    I'll be honest... customer service / insurance is one of the main reasons I'm still with sprint. I have the more expensive of the insurance plans (8 or so i think?), and anytime I have an issue with my phone, or somehow manage to obliterate it (which is far far too common), I can walk in and be handed a phone no questions asked. I use Resco Backup and never even install hotsync, so I don't really mind the swaps... but glad they served you in a way you were happy with.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I too had a good experience recently. Had a 700p with a cracked screen and had the screen replaced at the service center. Afterwards the headphone jack would not work at all. Made a call to tech support and they told me to go back and have the phone replaced. Did so and they gave me a brand new 755p as a replacement without having to pitch a fit. Hmm, is Sprint really trying to keep customers? The TEP insurance is really worth the 7 or so bucks a month. I have had every POS phone since the Kyocera 6010 (?) and sure am hoping to see Palm come out with the new OS soon.

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