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    Has anyone tested any of the applications that make the Centro stay on while charging? I've used Stay On in Cradle successfully on the 650.
    Mark Bergman
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    Palmary Clock Wireless 1.13 works ok on the Centro.
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    Palmary looks like an interesting and powerful application, but my only real interest is keeping the phone illuminated while driving and plugged in.
    Mark Bergman
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    It's nice because it displays a huge clock while lit.
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    I agree with Mike. I have Palmary Clock. It's worth a try for a Trial Download.
    Florida Tony
    GSM: Treo 270 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 680 > Centro > iPhone 3G S
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    I located STOIC (Stay on in cradle). It's doing the job well.
    Mark Bergman

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