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    it's said that pl;am is so behind in technology that's you need to use the same april fools joke as last year

    for plam customers, it's april fools everyday ..... :-(
    da Gimp

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    Dude.... That Was Not Funny. You Really Had Me Going
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    Quote Originally Posted by leadbyxampl View Post
    Dude.... That Was Not Funny. You Really Had Me Going
    I'm going to gave to 2nd that
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    Quote Originally Posted by He123321 View Post
    It's funny until someone gets punched in the mouth.
    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...

    Roi Batty

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    This one was pretty good as well.
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    check out Gmail's new Custom Time feature.
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    LOL, both of those were great! So was the Logitech MX AirBook review! Thanks for sharing those!
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