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    Hi Guys,

    I just received a Centro as a work phone, and I have a couple of questions. I come from a blackberry world, so this is sort of new to me.

    - My work email is set up with the "Email" app, but my personal emails are set up in Xpress Mail. Whenever I receive work emails, I am notified. But If I want to check my personal emails with Xpress mail, I have to click the "receive" function. It won't notify me. How do I get it to notify me when I receive mail in Xpress Mail?

    - I have my AIM set up on my Palm. Whenever someone sends me a message, I am never notified unless I am in the Instant Messenger section. Is there a way for me to still receive IMs when I'm not in the Instant Messenger section?

    Are there any other Must-Haves for my palm? I'm looking into new applications, and I just downloaded Google Maps. Anything else I should look for?

    Thanks so much!!


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    Sorry can't help you with the first 2 questions, but the answer would be that you should first make a search for anything you wanna know, there is a 95% chance you'll find the answer.
    About software you should have, there are a lot of threads about it, and everyones opinion will be different, here are mine.
    I have many more, but can't live without the ones I mentioned.

    Enjoy your Centro.

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