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    I've been searching and searching for Palm OS Apps in Google for so long that I am so frustrated. I do not know where to look for them!

    The only program I know is zLauncher, and I'm not sure if that comes with programs or you need to add.

    Please & thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried software store here on TreoCentral?
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    Oh, so you can try these programs first? Then buying.
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    Yes most have trial versions
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    for starters I would look at for 1000s of free apps....then if you don't find the "free" equavelant of the app u r lookin 4 there's always places like here, and for starters...when you do a google search put the query in like so:

    palm os "applications"

    that should turn up enough to start with.
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    Also check

    PocketGear (

    Palm Infocenter (

    And look through the software forums here. YOu'll find lots of threads about apps, frequently with download links.
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    Thank you!

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