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    We have finally got evdo in our area and was stoked to use it at home when low and behold, right when I get withing a half mile of my house, Bam, I lose the evdo service. My question is, is there an external antenae that can be attached to my 755p that might give me a little more to be able to catch the evdo signal? Let me know...


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    Give this program a try.

    It JUST RELEASED this afternoon.,60564.0.html

    let me know if it works for you or not
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    tried it, and it didn't even add anymore bars to my signal at all. any other suggestions?

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    Read that whole thread, it was an April's Fools joke. Does nothing to help the actual signal, and just messed with the signal display...
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    You can attach external antenna, there is 2 rubber thinggy at the back, the smaller one is the void/trox/screw to remove the case, the other one is for antenna. now which connector it uses and if it is connected internally I have no idea.
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