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    I have a treo 600 that doesn't want to unlock the keyguard

    You can push the sun/unlock button and then it prompts to push center, but pushing center doesn't respond

    If I do a soft reset it doesn't lock so I can maneuver around the phone, but the center button seems to work fine then. Also if I do a alt-lock style lock, I am able to unlock the phone.

    If the phone rings while it is locked I am able to answer

    Does anyone have any experience with such a problem? And better yet, does anyone know how to resolve it?

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    interesting. Have you tried to see if the problem persists after a hard reset without restoring anything? Backup your data first of course.
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    turns out the side volume up key was jammed in.

    strange thing is, everything else worked EXCEPT unlocking, and hotsyncing

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