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    Hi guys!!
    About two weeks ago, my 700p (755 mod) started acting really weird. About every fourth day or so... it gets amnesia!! What i mean is... My data is there, but all my color preferences aren't. I loose things like button assignments, color schemes, all reg codes!! There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when or why this occurs.

    Any ideas???


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    Well, you most likely have a diseased Saved Prefs file. You could delete it and start with a fresh Saved Prefs file, or do a hard reset and sync your PIM data only, and do a fresh install of all your apps.

    Just a guess here, but it may possibly be related to the 755 ROM on a 700p. Palm does not recommend the 755 ROM update on a 700p.

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    I had this happen back in the days of my old 650 and early in my 700 days. I would then every morning copy my saved pref file to the card just in case. I set up Resco Explorer to do this for me at 7 am.

    Also I think Butler has a feature that helps secure the integrity of the file. Not sure.
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    Reset Doctor ( has an option to save the preference files - I use it on my Centro with the preferences locked. Also, if you are capturing important data, take a look at OnGuard (

    Butler has nothing to do with file security/integrity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post

    Butler has nothing to do with file security/integrity.


    I wasn't sure, but then I remembered this an option that could have something to do with integrity:

    Special Bonus Extra Features!

    * Turn the LED off automatically at the times you choose - and still show when your Treo is charging.
    * Press and hold the phone key to beam your business card (just like the old days!)
    * Reactivate a locked screen during a phone call by pressing 's'
    * Access the command bar
    * Automatically clean the exchange manager entries to reduce the risk of crashes

    Would that be integrity related?
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    I've encountered this too and found that the saved prefs was getting clobbered. I have a nightly card back up so when it has occurred I have just restored saved preferences from the table and the problem is fixed. It has stopped happening recently so I suspect it was some piece of misbehaving software with a bug in it that was recently updated. Its not happening any more.

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