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    I have a Treo 650. I used the romtool to update the sprint 1.13a on the phone. everything looks fine but when i reset the device it will go back to the Bootload v 0.24. The only way I can get on my phone is to do the hard reset.

    I also notice that when it the phone goes on standby; the keyboard locks up but the touch screen still works.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
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    I had some funky problems when I installed the update this weekend on my 650. I kept getting an endless reboot and when the phone stabilized, it wouldn't go into phone mode. When I checked the phone information screen it said it still had version 1.08 so I assumed the update was incomplete. I did another hard reset and ran the update again following the instructions on Palm's website to the letter. For some reason it installed the update 3 times before it gave me the reset screen. Then all was good and knock wood, everyone remains cool.

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