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    So I set up pdanet using bluetooth and everything worked fine. The other day, i used it for about 45 minutes before I got a call or something and interrupted my connection.

    After that point, every time I connected to pdanet through bluetooth my phone would reset within seconds. It was stable if I connected without loading any webpages, but as soon as I tried to load anything it would (seemingly) cause my phone to reboot.

    I'm using pdanet 4.12.

    Any ideas?
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    only 3rd party app is fileZ.
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    possibly because I synced my centro with my backed up 700p? would the bluetooth driver files have been copied over? which files would I need to restore?

    When hotsyncing over bluetooth (takes minutes) the phone is stable and does not reset. Also does not spontaneously reset (like my "trusty" 700p always did) at other times.. It's the only problem i've noticed.
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    I suggest deleting PDANet on both the device and the desktop, executing a soft reset of the Centro, and then reinstalling it on both the desktop and device. I use Bluetooth extensively without any problems.


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