Hi Folks
Just got my hands on a 650 25 and 5 to unlock both on ebay

This is 1st Treo Forum i've join, basically because it seemed apparent that this is the biggest knowledge base.

Ok what i need to know is which fat32+SDHC Rom is good for my 650 GSM??

Am in the UK, my 650 was locked to Orange UK but is now unlocked for any GSM network (currently using a Virgin mobile UK SIM ).

Got 2 4gb SD cards sat here doing nothing, neither work in my digicam
But thats good news for the Treo

So will i be ok with the standard Cust_Ena Rom ( am assuming i will but figured best to check )

Seemed like a full ROM is my best solution until i get a little more direct experience of the 650 myself.

Some simple advice on installing would be appreciated to, as i have had other Palms in past but way back on the monochrome models.

Oh yeah anyone suggest a pdf converter and a text document viewer as am already figuring thats probably my best bet for ebooks. Can deal with all the pdf scrolling back and forth when am reading i just want to scroll down my book.

Thanks in advance folks