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    I've had a Palm device for years, but I've never seen a way (at least not with pre-packaged software) to sync only my personal appointments and contacts with my home machine -- Palm Desktop -- and my business category stuff with my work machine -- MS Outlook.

    Is there a solution out there that is free? Or very cheap?
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    You may try this from NorthGlide: Cloner. I have not tried it.
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    Thanks for the response ronbo2000. But I'd rather not have to manage multiple profiles. Categories seem to the perfect fit, I just need a sync app that pays attention to them. Since categories have been around for so long, I expected to see something that would leverage them.

    Any other suggestions?
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    The only way I could keep it all separate for myself was to assign codes to PERSONAL, WORK and (my side-business name) and color code from there.
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    use keysuite and two calendars in outlook. you can sync both
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    I believe that PocketMirrorPro could sync and exclude certain categories.

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