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    I've had my trusty Treo 650 for two years now and it's time to re-sign with AT&T and take advantage of special deals that have for re-signing. Switching to Sprint, Verison or TMobile are not options due to their coverage in my area. The question is, what do I upgrade to? My only two options with AT&T are the 680 or the Centro.

    I use the Treo extensively with my business (utilize Agendus Pro & ChatterEmail). I have invested quite a bit in the Palm platform, so I don't have a desire to switch to a windows or blackberry device.

    Is the Centro a viable upgrade? Or is it more of an "entry-level" device? Does the 680 offer significant improvements over the 650?

    Or, should I just wait? Are there any new Palm devices coming in the near future (preferably with WiFi!)?

    Thanks for any advise!
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    Have you tried reading in the 680 and Centro forums?
    You'll definitely find the plus and minus' of both phones.
    Centro has a better camera, and the most updated software.
    680 (what I "upgraded" to.) is same size as 650.
    680 has short battery life.
    I bought mine used on ebay (unlocked gsm.)
    If the rumors are true, and I sure hope they are, I will get a Centro if T-Mobile carries it.
    Otherwise, I'm sticking with my 680.
    Recently, it was broken, and I had to use a 650. I shuddered at the idea of not having my 680. So yeah, I like my 680!!!
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    I just bought 3 Centros. You can read the Centro review on Treocentral, or other places, for some ideas. I liked the idea of a (slightly) smaller phone with all the features, more memory, and a better camera.
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    There are 2 Centros in my family, one red (wife's) and one black with the Sprint extended battery(mine). The wife enjoys using the Centro, stating it is comfy to hold, to view and very stable. I took a bit more than a day to get use to the key board. I use mine mainly for work and it has proven itself very reliable and stable. The applications I use include ChatterEmail, Documents To Go, HanDBase, DateBook 6, and a few more - all with no resets at all.

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    I have used every Treo Sprint has ever sold and by far the Centro is the fastest, most stable Treo to date. Even my fat stumpy fingers have quickly become accustomed to the smaller keyboard.

    Go Centro!
    SPCS Treo 700p
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