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    I know you can set individual settings for Hotsync, such as "backup", "package install", etc etc.

    Is there a way to set hotsync so that it ONLY installs .prc files to the device? I don't even want it to restore databases to the phone (which it always seems to do).

    Even if you tell Hotsync not to "backup", it still restores all the handheld database files. Basically just want to use it as a conduit for installing packages and that is it.
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    3 options I could think of:

    1. just send the files to your phone via bluetooth

    2. copy the files to an SD card and then to the main memory.

    3. if you have a mac, get missing sync. it has an install-only option built in.
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    BT would require buying a BT dongle for my laptop, so I probably won't go that route.

    I guess I'll go with option 2, since I have CardExport.
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    I've used a program for years called Pilot Install which does just what you're asking. When loaded it supersedes the Palm HotSync application and monitors the appropriate port. When it detects a HotSync request, it installs whatever files you've told it to install, and then exits. It's free for personal use and available at:

    You would just need to associate your PRC / PDB / etc files with it so that when you doubleclick on a file to install on your computer, it will open it in Pilot Install instead of in HotSync.

    Here are a few other cool things about it which might also make it useful to others:
    • You can install to a handheld that is not associated at all to your computer (i.e. if a friend wants to install something, it's faster than beaming)
    • It supports infrared, USB, everything
    • Dragging a text file onto the app turns it into a doc PRC and installs
    • Program is a single file, pinstall.exe, no DLLs, no installation, etc

    Let me know if you have any trouble finding or using Pilot Install.

    Come to think of it, I'm going to put a copy of pinstall on my SD card so that with Card Reader I could easily move it onto a guest machine if I was ever in need of installing a file that I couldn't load over the airwaves.

    Hope that helps!

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    Sounds good, thanks. What I hate about hotsync is I try out stuff (hotsync prc's to my phone), then decide I don't like it so I restore my NVBackup at a later date. But then when you hotsync again it restores all the old database files. Pretty annoying.
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    While this link opens the correct site, their d/l link doesn't seem to be working.
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    works for me, clicked the " Download Pilot Install for Windows " link
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    Worked for me now. I don't know why it wouldn't work before. Kept timing out. Works now!

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