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    i sure would appreciate some advice... my treo 7ooP has been acting terribly lately. texts emails and calls all are making it crash, and often clicking on an email in snappermail or text brings up an error saying there's not enough memory. its not just happening in snapper either - the treo is acting like it has no memory. problem is, the treo and filez say it has 50% of its memory available. when i do a soft reset (or after it has crashed), it works for fine for a bit and then it starts again. i really dont want to do a hard reset unless absolutely necessary - am i missing something?
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    Could the problem be with your memory card?

    I have had similar results, and cleared by reformating the card. With a current backup available, of course.

    Just a thought, as with Snapper, I have all emails saved to the card, so a card problem can cause it to act strangely at times.
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    Sounds like your dbcache is having issues. (Probably caused by some slightly conflicting apps) After a reset, how long does it take before it is having issues? Can you get through the day? If so, consider having your backup software automatically performing a reset when you back up every night. (If you are using backup software - NV backup is good and free if you aren't)
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    thanks for the replies... i doubt its the card because i dont use it for saving any email or anything except music...

    and i'm not sure what the dbcache is, but no, i can't get thru the day after a reset - about half an hour or an hour mostly....

    any other sugggestions? thanks so much...
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    Try this free utility:,959.html

    Have a look at what it reports for your NVFS DBCache, the total size, total free, and largest free chunk.

    Then do an Option M to "Flush DBCache (MemFill)" and see how those numbers change.

    See if that helps with your stability.

    You also might want to try DBFixIt:

    The trial version is free, and it will scan your phone's databases to look for errors or corruption. If it finds errors, the version of DBFixIt that will fix it is $12. I was having a lot of crash and stability problems on my 755P, and DBFixIt fixed them all.
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    i'll try that thanks GSMacLean!

    I just got another error that seems like its a Treo error and not a software error message: "The free data storage space on the device is low. Some data could not be saved."
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    Did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the exact same problem.
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    sadly, it did require a hard reset....
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    If that would do the trick, I'd take it at this point. Is yours working normally again?
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    This happened to me today for the first time....tried to take a picture but as I clicked to take the snapshot, I received the "not enough memory" error message. Will be trying the dbcache flush and reset settings on RescoBackup to see if this does the trick.
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    I also have received this message when I actually have 61% of the phone memory free. The only thing I did recently was install Butler which has caused my phone to freeze/lock. I have been able to unlock the phone with a soft reset.

    Once I got this message about the low memory, I uninstalled Butler but the message reappears a few minutes after each reset.

    Is there any solution besides a hard reset?



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