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    I have a new 650 which powers up fine then after a couple of minutes the screen goes off as expected, but it will not activate again by pressing the pwr/end key in fact it does not respond to any buttons, the only wat to get any responce is a soft reset. Then the whole cycle starts again, I have carried out a hard reset but the same problem, The settings are all the same as my old 650 (ie keyguard ) Any suggestions / ideas greatly accepted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by philghughes View Post
    Any suggestions / ideas greatly accepted.
    Any? Throw it against the wall.

    Seriously though, this is a new 650? How do the buttons function after you soft reset, say when you are navigating around?
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    My Sprint Treo 650 does this once in a while when it connects and disconnects from my Bluetooth car feature but it's so infrequent that it's not really a problem. Make sure the software on your phone is up to date. Go to Palmone and look up your phone by provider and check to see if there's an update. To see what software version you are currently running with the phone keyboard screen showing go to "Options" and then "Phone Info".

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