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    i cant get my phone to run the Att offical update for 2.11 i installed verison 2.12 by mistake and now i cant revert it to offical 2.11 from att. Att updater says that the update is for Att phones only. mine is a cingular 680 unlocked. i dont know what to do. phone is freezing like crazy.
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    it seems no one understood my last post.
    what i am trying to say is how do i edit the Software ID so i can flash my ATT original firmware so i can keep this damn thing from crashing. it crashes nonstop when i try to make or receive a call. and when i try to launch Blazer the phone restarts.

    please someone help me :/ i have no other phones and this is driving me nuts
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    still no phone :/
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    I'm no expert, but I don't believe you can update a non-cingular/at&t phone with their at&t update.

    That being said, I believe you may need to try a few things. Did you follow the instructions EXACTLY? Power plugged in? SD card, not a mini or micro with adapter?

    Have you tried performing a Warm Reset? Hard Reset?

    Have you tried performing the "Custom Rom" for the 680?

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