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    Does anyone know of an Air Case and Clip Combo for the Centro?

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    I recently had similar Clear Case for my Treo680... Prior to it, I dropped my 680 once from a short distance w/ just a Clear Case and it's cheap back Clip (came w/), and Scratched up Big Time...

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    This Case flies open and my phone still was scratched up!
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    I bought a clear case from a Kiosk in the mall that sold cell phone accessories and after putting it on (tight fit) I dropped it from about counter top level and the case never flew open. Stayed on only one corner came loose. CR at Sprint told me that it was just like the one they sell but it doesn't have clip like theirs.
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    they have great ones.
    I find the rubber ones are better.

    the hard plastic cases sometimes gets dirt and sand in them and traps them in between which causes scratches.

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