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    I just got a verizon 650 off ebay, I want flash it to Pocket communications here in San Antonio, first off I was told that if I flashed it I will not have internet, nor picture messaging, and will most likely lose text messaging as well.

    The other issue I am having, I have not flashed it yet, but did download medical programs and a couple games. I also downloaded the ROM update and ran it. it worked fine until I think I ran the update a second time from the screen on the PDA. now I can turn the phone on, but when I hit the home key it acts like I hit the reset button on the back. (I tried hitting the button and same results) this happens every time. I hope I did not screw this up beyond recognition, i have tried to search on this discussion, and I am sure this has been brought up before, but I can't find it.

    Please if anyone can help, I need my Rx programs to work on the PDA.

    thanks a bunch Jeff
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    performed a hard reset and blocked all programs, so it is fixed for now.

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