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    This is starting to **** me off! Every day on a seemingly random schedule i will get between 4-10 random vibrate+chime events on my treo... and there is never an on screen notifier and it is not associated with an appt or anything. The sound used is the "alert bells" sound and i have disabled all sounds on my treo except for the phone ringing and SMS and neither one uses the alert bells sound. I also have the Goodlink Mobile messaging software syncing my outlook information for work but i have gone into that software and disabled all sound and vibrate on the goodlink home screen and manually changed all notifiers to off. The goodlink software doesn't appear to use the native treo sounds anyway so i'm sure that it isn't doing it. I have a feeling it is a system sound of some sort telling me when the server refreshes data or something but i literally have all sounds disabled except the aforementioned---Even the system sounds. This is bugging the hell out of me. Any ideas anyone?
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    Try going into "Sound & Alerts," then "Phone Alerts." If they are on, set "Coverage in/out" and "Signal faded" to "Off." I had the same problem, and that worked for me.

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