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    Is there a Tool or Application that can remove the unwanted Applications?

    Example Centro:
    AT&T Mall, My Centro, Push to Talk, Get Telenav, etc?
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    I know there's a tool to hide unwanted Applications, such as;
    1) SharkROM
    2) ApplicationsPanl
    3) RomHide
    4) etc...

    I just want them gone, or even a ROM update for Centro?
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    Obfuscate is one such application, though a few have had problems with it. Most 3rd party launchers have this feature. You can also move it to a different category.

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    invisible caused me some problems on my centro - the method that i've settled for is treolauncher, you can set it to hide items in the unfiled category. this also gives me a quick, easy way to get back at those programs if i need them for any reason
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    I used Invisible back on the 600 and it had problems then. I lean toward the 3rd party launcher route - creating a "hidden" category to keep things in is a simpler approach and less troublesome.

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    What Ben said. .. . . . . create a catagory to house the unwanted icons.. . . . . or create a 'startup' catagory that has all your favorites. . . . . .
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    I Find that FASTHIDE works the best.
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    You guys beat me to it. I use ZLauncher to hide my icons. I just recategorize everything I don't want & then hide every tab besides 'unfiled'. I leave unfiled open simply because any new apps I install will show up there & I don't have to unhide any tabs to find them. Works like a charm.
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